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police officer has access to. reporting live in san francisco, jean ellie. >> the fbi is on the case of a reported bomb threat on a plane that left from sfo today. the united express flight was on its way to san antonio but was diverted to phoenix at about 5:00 this evening. all 42 passengers were evacuated safely. you see help getting ob buses here. the fbi is not confirming the specific nature of that threat. >>> a san jose father is an us cooed of leaving his two children in an suv overnight. 29-year-old julio reyes milpitas police say he parked his car near calaveras and 680 around 10:00 p.m. on tuesday night and left his 8-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter inside that car with the doors unlocked. now, neighbors called police about a suspicious vehicle. about 1:00 p.m. on wednesday so the following day, police pound the children inside and alone. >> disheveled, hungry, the first thing we did was get them food, make sure they had nutrition in them and we wanted to make sure they were fed and taken care of. >> a short while later reyes called to report his vehicle and children
picture to people hoping for clues that will lead them to nedo. >>> the fbi says it is now scaling back>> happening right now, bart workers are voting to confirm the tentative agreement they made to end last week's strike. the work
and posted her for sale for sex on craigslist and within 12 years was tracking her. >> the fbi found the then hen 17-year-old in fremont. since they zito made it her mission to educate people about the issue. funds will go to caring for victims and preventive programs. >> we go into schools, colleges, high schools and talk to them about trafficking, what it looks like and what they can do to hopefully keep themself safe and others safe, as well. >> zito says even though her daughter is home safely, there are countless others being victimized right now. >> san francisco is one of the hot spots for human trafficking according to the fbi. san jose tops that list. run for courage hopes to continue hosting races in more and more cities and raising awareness in the process. in the newsroom, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> coming up next at 11:00, the threat in the south bay that needs as little as a cup of water to breathe. we'll show you what caused vector control to go door to door today with a warning. >> how everyone managed to reach the ground alive after two small planes collid
of the replica gun towards deputies in the moments before the shooting and the fbi is conducting an independent investigation as well. >>> we have a follow-up now on a story we first brought you last night. the alameda county sheriff's office announced it opened an investigate into a case of a senior care facility that may have been abandoned with 14 patients over the weekend. the valley springs nursing home were left with only a cook, janitor and another caretaker for two days. the rest of the employees left after the state ordered it to be temporarily shut down on tuesday. the patients are being medically evaluated while deputies continue their investigation. >>> a man whose parents were in the facility says the owner should face charges. >> what he could have done is make -- they should be -- that is just criminal. >> the state officials say the owner of the nursing home also owns facilities in oakland and modesto and those facilities were temporarily shut down last week and all three had violations dating back to 2008. >>> republicans today used the computer glitches playinging the presiden
. >>> good evening. i'm diane wire. >> the fbi in a news conference said this afternoon the gunman wanted to instill fear. a murder charge is filed against ciancia. he faces the death penalty if convicted. he's the only suspect in the shooting yesterday at l.a.x. terminal three. the attack left one tsa officer dead and others injuries. >> he d he target specifically tsa officers. his intent was clear in his note we recovered the note at crime scene. we recovered five loaded magazines. >> e.r.a. learning hr about the tsa agent killed. the widow of ger rar dough hernandez said he moved to the united states when he was 15, he was a kind loving man that took joy in his job. >> he enjoyed the interaction with passengers at l.a.x. he was a joyful person, always smilings, took pride in duty for the american public and tsa mission. hechs always there to help anyone in need and made people laugh with his sense of humor. >> hernandez would have turned 40 years of age next week. >> the shooting created flight delays. the airport in the bay area is still feeling the effects. monty is live with the la
they saw him a few times but mostly kept to hils. fbi agents and police officers searched the apartment on friday. >> they were here all day. and they couldn't come out. the fbi agent, he spoke with me. i was very scared. >> he told authorities he acted alone and that a friend had dropped him off at lax but officials don't believe that the friend knew of the suspect's plan. we have the lathest on the investigation. >>> new photos of the terror at l.a.x. friday morning show passengers huddled together. an eerily desserted security checkpoint and heavily armed law enforcement officials. airport operations returned to normal on sunday. flowers left inside terminal three prooufrs a solemn reminder of the deadly shooting. >> shots fired. >> 42 federal criminal complaints, 23-year-old with an assault rifle, high capacity magazines, a bag of ammunition and a handwritten manifesto. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill employees. >> they reportedly asked some people if they were with tsa. he moved on when they responded no. but at the checkpoint, he open fired. the
snowden, who is currently hiding in russia. >>> the fbi officially has a new leader tonight. president obama swore in james combmy today at fbi headquarters. the 52-year-old actually began his duties last month when robert muller resigned after 12 years as director. he is well liked by lawmakers. he was confirmed by the senate 93-1. he's a former federal prosecutor and was number two in command at the justice department. >>> in the u.s. senate, majority leader harry reid is promising to bring a gay rights bill to the floor before this thanksgiving. in recent years, the prrallying point has been primarily same-sex marriage but the employment nondiscrimination act or enda, as it's known, would ban discrimination in the workplace. it's been introduced in nearly every congress since 1994. a version was passed by the house in 2007. however, it died in the senate under a threatened veto by then-president george w. bush. at least 55 senators are on the record supporting enda. >>> hours after a federal judge rejected portions of texas' tough new law abortion restrictions, state leaders are bel
of the replica gun toward deputies. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation. >>> in the east bay now, the alameda county sheriffs office is investigating a senior care facility accused of abandoned 14 patients. authorities say patients at the valley springs manor nursing home in castro valley were left with only a cook, a janitor, and a caretaker for two days last week. the rest of the employees left after the state ordered the facility to temporarily shut down. the remaining workers eventually became alarmed and called the sheriffs office. state officials say the owner of the nursing home also ownsf&d t facilities in oakland and modesto. those facilities were shut down last week as well. >>> if a san francisco supervisor has his way, get ready to pay more for sugary drinks like soda. the plan is to increase the tax on those drinks and use)-r that money to fight childhood obes y obesity. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco. other cities have tried to implement a soda tax just like this. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. if this were to pass in san fran
the shooting was unnecessary, and they hope to make a change. the fbi is now investigating this shooting. >>> a man who walked away from a controversial care facility in castro valley is still missing this morning. his name is edmond baskum. here's a photo of him. investigators say one day after the valley springs manor was shut down, he wandered away. now, this here is video of family members picking up belongings from the residence last night. 14 members were removed after investigators say they were abandoned by most of the valley springs manor staff staff. only a janitor, in fact, and a cook were left behind. the janitor told us he did his best to care for the seniors, but had only workedçh# there f about two weeks and was not a care giver. >>> the south bay should a pig problem be solved with bullets. a pack of wild pigs is -- the pigs cause thousands of dollars in damage. you see it here at this country club. granted the club a permit to trap and destroy the animals. management is now waiting to see if the trapper will be allowed to fire a gun within city limits. this means askin
in publicly for the first time announcing a formal review of the facts with the fbi prepared to help. >> i do this with an open mind neither accepting nor rejecting the opinions of anyone who has previously investigated the circumstances of his death. >> reporter: after an initial autopsy, the sheriffs departments and bureau of investigation including that johnson died of a tragic accident, that he fell head first into an upright mat, reaching for a shoe, got trapped, and couldn't b breathe. >> we believe we conducted a complete and thorough investigation and we stand by that. >> reporter: johnson's family hired a private pathologist to investigate. >> we found the trauma in an area that had not been previously detected or looked at in the first autopsy. >> reporter: now the case is being reopened by federal authorities. >> we know this was not an accident. we know my son was murdered and we are waiting for the truth to come out. >> reporter: and kendrick johnson's family is waiting for local officials to release 1,900 hours of security video from different cameras in the next few days, image
this kid a number of times unnecessarily so. >> reporter: now, a police investigation as well as an fbi investigation remain under way tonight. i did try to reach out to the sheriff today, but he did not return my phone call. he did tell me last week, however, that his heart goes out to the family. he says he's very sorry for what happened and promises a thorough and transparent investigation. reporting live in santa rosa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> to the south bay, now, just into our newsroom, new surveillance video, four suspects allegedly involved in saturday's shooting at the spot nightclub in campbell. we've highlighted the video so you can see who police are looking for. officers say someone from this group we've highlighted shot a club employee after he came out to the parking lot and told them allegedly to turn down the music from their cars. the victim is recovering at a local hospital. >>> new at 6:00, low water levels across the bay area. this is a look today from our chopper at santa clara county's almaden reservoir. see it's well below its banks. as are other b
and were set to be implemented today. >>> the state attorney general and the fbi might launch an elder abuse investigation against a castro valley facility that was shut down last week. one of its patients is still missing. authorities say 65-year-old edmond baskum wandered away last friday one day after the valley springs manor was shut down for a long list of alleged violations. another 14 residents have been safely removed from that facility. investigators say they were abandoned by most of the staff. only a janitor and cook remain on site to help. >>> a sonoma county supervisor carillo is expected back in court tomorrow charged with one mistee meaner count of peeking. the case has been turned over to the state attorney general after the sonoma county d.a.'s office declared a conflict of interest. curillo, a 32-year-old santa rosa resident is accused of prowling and attempting to pry open a win duo wearing only his underwear and socks. the alleged incident happened in july. >>> after months of legal trouble and the last few weeks in rehab, aldon smith is back on the 49ers tonight. t
into their traitorous minds. >> reporter: the fbi believes ciancia was dropped off here at l.a.x., but they have not yet identified the driver. the 23-year-old remains hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. he's been unresponsive medically, but police say they do hope to question him. erica? >> miguel almaguer, thank you. >>> of course, this attack at los angeles international airport has travelers across the country wondering how safe they are. and if there's really any way to prevent a shooting spree like this in an airport. kristen welker is covering that angle. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you. tsa officials say they screen about 1.8 million passengers every day, and they say what happened on friday is incredibly rare. still, some security experts say it may be an indication that there should be some changes. in the wake of the shooting at l.a.x., some travelers in this country remain unnerved. >> obviously, all of us were shocked and saddened that we've had another incident. >> it's a surprise and concern for anyone that was there and involved. >> reporter: securi
longer. police and the fbi have questioned members of his family in new jersey. ciancia's father tells us he talked to him last week complaining of the economy and not having a job and a roommate in los angeles says all of this comes as a shock. >> never had anger or anything in him. when he was here, nothing. i didn't have any issues with him or anything. he was a really nice job. -- nice guy. a bit loner, introverted but nothing i would ever expect him to do something like this. >> reporter: both state and local official say they have no record of any trouble from before paul ciancia and at a loss to explain this morning why a 23-year-old who apparently didn't fly much would be so angry at the tsa. erica, lester? >> one of the many questions. pete williams, thank you. >>> william bratton was the chief of police in los angeles for seven years until 2009. good morning. not it diminish their role, but tsa are not police officers and not armed guards. anyone to prevent someone from getting through the checkpoints? >> the tsa agents are, in fact, unarmed and you rely largely on airport polic
a deputy shot lopez seven times killing him. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation. >>> whipping winds caused a scene in the bay area from toppling trees and knocking out power to overturning big rigs. the strength of the winds quite evident. at least one truck driver suffered minor injuries. >>> they died down a bit. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning, marla. the winds are dropping off. we saw gusts to 75 miles per hour through the altamont pass. this morning we still have pretty strong speeds that will be the case the next few hours. as we progress throughout the day the winds will drop off and the shower chances increase. best chance later today in the south bay and east bay. 63 degrees in concord, 61 san jose, it's going to be cold. then we warm up tuesday into wednesday, upper 60s to low 70s return. here is mike inouye and your drive. >> we have returned to your coliseum. during the 6:00 hour we had a backup and a crash that has cleared. we show you the slowdown that continues as folks head through the a
marching believe the shooting was unnecessary and hope to make a change. the fbi now investigating this shooting. >>> right now a check on the halloween forecast. christina loren says perfect for getting all of the candy you can. >> that's right. trying to eat it all at once. that's a bad idea. good morning to you. as you can see here looking really good to start the day. this is from high atop san bruno mountain. looking really clear at this point. as a result all of that sun coming in so early, temperatures are going to be warm. 78 in livermore, 72 santa teresa, 75 in gilroy and 70 straight up in san francisco. trick-or-treating looks good inland, when the sun sets 65 degrees and the sunday outlook tells the story. tomorrow we peak, and drop off into the weekend. let's check your drive. >> good morning. things got wild in the south bay. number of incidents. the worst here is 101, congestion here, we'll look at the maps, talking about north 280 at saratoga a crash and north 101 at mckee causing all of that bottleneck. here very red north toward broadway and sfo through redwood cit
. the deputy thought lopez's replica rifle was a real ak-47. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation into the shooting. >>> the nra says it will sue the city of sunnyveil if voters enact a measure. measure c would require gun owners to lock up their weapons at home when they're away and report a stolen gun within 48 hours. among a couple of other things. the measure goes before voters next tuesday, november 5th. >>> we'll have a look at your forecast and traffic after the break. >>> good morning to you. temperatures will be warm this afternoon, but it's still pretty cold out there this morning. make sure you bundle up. 71 for livermore. 56, fremont. 68 in san jose. we're looking good for your halloween bayside. about 64 when the sun sets at 6:15. haven't made the plans yet? we have you covered on nbc bay look on the home page. you'll find a complete guide to everything happening around here. check it out today at the office. 77 degrees for thursday. looking good for halloween. warmer on friday. >> you know this morning we are still tracking very heavy traffic
is formally reviewing the death of kendrick johnson and the fbi will help. >> i want the truth. >> we have a body. there's a dead body out here. >> the teenager was found dead in a rolled up gym mat at his high school in valdosta, georgia. these clips show his final hours but don't know how his body ended up inside the mat. his parents hope 1900 hours of other imagines from cameras might show more. they believe their son was murdered and someone tried to cover it up. >> we won't stop until we get the truth. >> reporter: local officials concluded his death was an accident. that he fell head first reaching for a shoe and suffocated but in a second autopsy, a private pathologist said it was due to blunt force trauma on his neck. a mystery they hope to sort out. >>> the doctor convicted in michael jackson's death is suing to get his license back. dr. conrad murray says the state of texas pulled his license prematurely. he says he has the right to work until all of his appeals are exhausted in the state of california. >>> boston's world series trophy is making the rounds today. even the ice cou
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